September 22, 2011

it never gets old

Great music made by cool women never gets old.

they're doing just fine

Rachel Zoe
Tina Fey
Gwen Stefani
Meryl Streep

Heidi Klum
I have been noticing in many "women's" magazines that there is this idea that when a women becomes more successful, powerful or famous than her partner things tend to fall apart. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez have been used as examples of this. It is a sad and disturbing message to send to women. It is also incorrect. The reasons why marriages fail are far too complex and varied to pin on the successes or insecurities of one partner. Maybe Reese Witherspoon just got married too young, and maybe Jennifer Lopez has developed a pattern of getting divorced. We do not have to choose between having a great relationship and a flourishing career, duh. These so called "women's" magazines should stop sending us messages that will inhibit us from making progress. There are plenty of relationships that work regardless of who is more successful. Here are just a few examples of women who are more famous and successful than their male counterparts, and they're doing just fine.

September 5, 2011

summer weddings

There were a few other weddings happening this summer that I was a little excited about. Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola were also recent brides! I've felt an affinity for these two women for some time now. I really enjoy the realization that we were all experiencing the various wedding jitters right around the same time.