January 30, 2012


This is one of the most underrated bands. I'm not just saying it because they're my friends. They have been playing music together for almost a decade. They have also had their music played on Gossip Girl and Up All Night. People need to take notice.

Best Foot Forward

My best foot forward would currently be my right foot. I seem to have really messed up the left one. It has gone through various stages of pain, swelling and bruising in the last few days. It's like I have a shiner on my foot. Thankfully I am looking less like an old lady when I hobble around. Now my walk is more like how a pimp struts. I have one more day left of physical relaxation and putting my feet up, then I'm back to trekking around the city. I hope that by then it no longer hurts to wear shoes.

January 29, 2012


I have always appreciated a cameo, and lately I have been wishing for one too. I'm pretty sure that giant beauty on the bottom will be mine come Valentine's Day. I'm usually not into the idea of showing love through material possessions, but my husband and I both have crazy schedules on Tuesdays. This Valentine's Day is going to be all about the cameo and appreciating the little bit of time together at the beginning and end of the day.

January 26, 2012

Ladies Night

Parks and Recreation
Up All Night
30 Rock
New Girl
I'm so happy that there is finally a plentiful variety of hilarious TV shows starring woman. It's about time. Seriously though what took so long? Some of these shows are much better than others, but they are all worth checking out. Now the saying boob tube has a whole new meaning.

Chris Hefner

Chris Hefner is a local Chicago artist, filmmaker and acquaintance of mine. I love the mood and style of his work. Watch the trailer for his 2009 film Pink Hotel. I know he's currently working on a new film.

Solange Style

Move over Alexa, Kate and Audrey. Solange knowles is my new style icon. This is exactly how I would like to dress if it worked for my lifestyle. It's unpredictable, easy, colorful, whimsical, flattering and unique. Oh snap!

for the Aquarians

Shoes Shoes Oh My God Shoes

I am obsessed with the shoes from Valentino's Spring 2012 couture collection. Do you think they might be under $100? One can dream. Maybe Valentino could do a shoe collection for H&M inspired by these beauties. I wonder what Kelly would think?

January 25, 2012

photo of the week

This is a photo of my niece Noema. Her mother bought these big beautiful balloons and hired a photographer to mark her 5th birthday. Noema clearly wasn't feeling it when this one was taken.

Go Elie!

The Spring 2012 couture shows have begun. Elie Saab's charming collection is by far my favorite so far. It is very reminiscent of Marc Jacobs' Spring 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton. It doesn't get much better or more lady like.