April 25, 2014

orange is the new red

I've never been much of a make up person. I prefer a more get up and go routine, don't like the clutter and have always been told I don't need it. Although, I do like to wear a little lipstick from time to time. My preferred color has always been red, until now. Lately I've been really into wearing orange lipstick. It's actually a big spring trend for make up right now. I'm not usually one for following the trends, although I'm not against it either. You just have to pick and choose which ones are right for you and be very selective about it. The first time my husband saw me wearing my new lipstick color he laughed and said it was really bright. At least he's paying attention. 

April 22, 2014

Earth Day

If you're like me then you're a strong believer that every single day should be treated as Earth Day. After all this is our home, where our ancestors lived and where future generations will live (if all goes well). The Earth was here long before any of us ever were, and will be here long after us. In honor of this day I've created a short list of both simple and challenging things we all can and should do. Some of these have become habitual for me, while others are still goals of mine. 

1. WALK MORE (If you're going somewhere that's walking distance then walk there, don't drive. It's good exercise, too)

2. BIKE MORE (same as above)

3. DON'T WASTE WATER (Water is not a renewable resource, sustainably speaking. Turn off the faucet while you're brushing your teeth, washing your hands, doing the dishes or whatever. If your not rinsing something then you don't need the water running. It's so easy to turn it off and on as needed.)

4. UNPLUG (Your iPhone uses about as much energy as your refrigerator. So unplug it and the charger when you're not charging it. Just unplug more stuff in general.)

5. DON'T EAT ANIMALS AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS (If that's totally out of the question for you then try to eat less, a lot less. It's better for you, the environment, future generations and well innocent loving animals.)

6. DIY (Start a garden large or small, cook more, try new recipes and just make all sorts of good stuff.)

7. USE A WATER BOTTLE (Stop buying water, buy a water filter, fill it, fill your bottle and take it with you. I use a Keith Haring Sigg bottle and love it.)

8. LIVE WITH LESS (How much do you really need to make you happy? Stop buying so much stuff. If you feel like you need to shop constantly for things that you don't really need then they've already gotten to you. It's not too late though.)

9. EDUCATE YOURSELF (Learn about the issues so that you can figure out how to best help.)

10. LIVE THOUGHTFULLY (These things take time to form into habits. So it may take a lot of thought and effort at first. That's a good thing,)

That's it. Feel free to add more in the comments if you like. One last thing which is a huge pet peeve of mine, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LITTER! There are so many people working extremely hard to protect the planet (like risking their lives hard), the least you can do is have the decency to throw your trash in a garbage.

April 21, 2014

spring smiles

It's Spring! It's been so nice outside. We've been getting out a lot and going on some long walks. This has significantly lifted my spirits and also helped me get down to my prepregnancy weight, which has been a goal of mine all winter. We've been opening our windows, feeling the warm breezes and getting lots of fresh air in our home. Those are just a few reasons why we are smiling.

 Ryan is also behind the camera acting crazy and making her crack up, which makes me smile. I'm so thankful about the end of this particular winter and all of the things that go along with it. We've got a few very exciting plans for the upcoming months. Spring and summer also seem to be the time of year when we get a lot of visits from friends living in other cities. This time around looks no different, and I can't wait to see everyone. We've got a very special one year birthday to celebrate soon, too! A few more things I'm looking forward to this spring and summer are; taking Ruby to the beach for the first time, picnics in the park, seeing Frida at the MCA, wearing light summer clothes and going to the Minnesota State Fair for the first time in 18 years. I'm smiling just thinking about all of it.

April 20, 2014

Perfect 365

As some of you know, I have been posting some Instagram photos using the app Perfect 365 lately. I'm obsessed with it right now. It makes me laugh. It's basically an app for those interested in perfecting their selfie, testing out new hairstyles and makeup and just making hilarious photos. I'm sure there are other things you can do with it that I'm still unaware of. My seven year old niece is the one who figured out that it isn't just a makeup app, there are also hairstyles to choose from. The bottom one of Ruby is surely a classic and needs a frame.

wearing white

I've always believed white jeans were only for preppy or super skinny women, and so I never considered them to be my style. I also feared ruining them with a spill or just keeping them clean in general. That's been my worry with wearing anything white. So I've never worn it much at all, except on my wedding day. My wedding dress didn't make it untarnished either. I ruined it by accidentally setting it on fire with a sparkler. At least I have a great story to tell when I pull it out some day to show my daughter. I digress.

 I recently bought a pair of white jeans and have been wearing them like crazy. Lately I've been inspired to start wearing them, and then suddenly I came across the perfect pair. I decided since Andrew WK wore them they no longer belong only to the preppy crowd. I also no longer care if they aren't slimming. Since having a baby, I'm just proud of my body and the amazing things it can do. 

White jeans are classic and polished looking. I've discovered they're surprisingly easy to wear since they go with almost anything. My favorite way to wear them has been with a light colored or white top and simple flats. They haven't gotten dirty either. That's even after many wears, eating out with a baby and walking all over the city. I've got a new style staple and a newfound love for wearing white.

April 1, 2014

a community garden

I'm very excited to start working this week at the Waters School Community Garden and ecology program. I'm thankful to have found a way to combine my background in education, Earth science and environmental studies, and also get to spend time working outside with kids in my neighborhood. I couldn't be more thrilled about this! I will be doing some restoration work on the Chicago river this summer, too. I feel a connection to the river considering my husband and I canoed it on our very first date, and have done so many times since then. I know there will be some long hot summer days ahead, but this is exactly how I want to be spending my time if I'm not spending it with my family and friends. My goal is to learn enough from this experience so that I can help start a community garden and ecology program at another school. It would be amazing if that could happen wherever Ruby ends up going to school.