July 16, 2014

july is flying by

This month is flying by. We've had nonstop visits from family and friends, which has been so fun and one of my favorite parts of summer. I'm finally back in school and working on finishing up my last few classes, all while doing my internship with the Waters School ecology program. Somehow Ryan and I have been managing to juggle all of this without so much as even a babysitter. It turns out we make an excellent team.

We stopped by Heritage Littles last week to check out the Land of Nod party they were hosting. Ruby fell in love with this little Spherovelo scooter while we were there. We slept on it and decided to get it for her the next day. She's obsessed with it now. We all are really. Even though she's taken a few tumbles, she keeps getting right back on ready to explore her home in a new way. She's been pretty interested in checking out her papa's record collection and my computer and bike. Oh yeah I've been biking again, too! At first I was a little anxious to start biking around the city again, but it didn't take long to remember how much I love it. It's such an exhilarating way to get from point A to point B and get a little exercise as a bonus.

Ruby also took her first train ride. She was like an old pro. Maybe it's from all the trains I took while pregnant with her. She had her first zoo experience at the Lincoln Park Zoo and even rode on the carousel. We had a family beach day with her cousin, aunt and the grandparents. She just wanted to snuggle up to me the entire time. I was more than happy to make that happen and honestly loved every second of it. She's turning out to be quite a cuddler! The summer visits are winding down, and now it's our turn to do some visiting. We've got a crazy long road trip coming up with Ruby. I hope it goes as smooth as possible for everyone. 

Some current Rubyisms I'd like to remember and share are her saying "Oh no!", "all done", "bye bye papa" and "I did it!" all at appropriate times. She's been making some animals noises and repeating along some words when I read to her. She says the word "babies" all the time. She also whispers the word "tortilla" and shouts the word "egg" when she eats them. Somehow she manages to get her little leg at a 90 degree angle and shove her toes into her mouth after big bites of avocado or anything else equally as messy at mealtimes. Oh and her little backwards wave has been a hit with all of our visitors. The very best part of all is when she's snuggling up to me she makes these little sighs and noises like she's really feeling it. She melts my heart.